Many different classes are available at the Light of the Heart Yoga™ studio.  If you are not sure which class is best for you, the descriptions below may help you decide.  If you still have questions, please discuss with Addie which class placement is right for you.

In addition to the listing below, private sessions in Embodyment®, Yoga Therapy and Vichara are also available.  See our Private Session page for descriptions of these services.
Intermediate level for those who have taken Svaroopa® Yoga classes for at least one 
year and have a consistent home practice.
~Tuesday PM Continuing-Plus includes deeper elements
~Wednesday AM Continuing-Plus includes bliss elements

Good for beginners and those continuing. Basic posses plus the full range of poses.

Intermediate level for those who have taken Svaroopa® Yoga classes for at least one year and have a consistent home practice.

This course is for those already familiar with Svaroopa® Yoga poses. It is designed to take you deeper inside, using breath awareness, and fewer poses with longer holds. Opens you into that state of bliss that is always inside. Must be willing to do yoga at home.

Yoga for Your Back
This course uses therapeutic Yoga poses to assist those with back, neck, hips or leg problems. It is designed to assist students to be at ease in their bodies. Svaroopa® Yoga offers a gentle and precise approach to Yoga poses, integrating knowledge of anatomy with the wisdom of the ancient sages to foster healing, transformation and transcendent experience.

Prenatal Yoga
This course helps make your pregnancy more comfortable, your delivery easier and recovery quicker. This course will also assist you to relax and breathe more fully; will prepare the body and mind for childbirth; provide a space to connect with other expectant mothers and your baby. Women sleep better after this class and find much relief from back discomfort. Please note that I am not offering a specific class at this time, but can accommodate you in a regular yoga class. Or take a private session to learn the best poses for you at this time. You must be 12 weeks pregnant to start. 

Svaroopa is a registered service mark and Embodyment is a service mark of S.T. C., Inc., used under license.