Below you will find descriptions of the workshops that we have at the studio. 
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Anchored in Your Heart

Move away from that feeling of being fragmented. Ease into the space of your heart, the source of wholeness. This heart-opening workshop uses Svaroopa® yoga poses that reliably release compression in the lower spine and carry the opening through the ribcage and heart area. The combination of spinal release poses, abdominal activators, and backbends opens you to the experience of being anchored in your heart.

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation can provide many practical benefits. You can just Google meditation and find countless studies that name these benefits. Within meditation itself you may experience deep relaxation and peace or even access creative energy and intuitive states. However, there is so much more.... learn how a simple yet profound practice can bring clarity and ease to your life, your mind, your body. Now is the time to begin. Join us and learn how to start and sustain a meditation practice. You will be given very easy, understandable, and practical tools to help you access a deeper awareness of your Self. Come and experience for yourself what meditation can do for you.

Slow Down
A weekend workshop that will transform the way you experience the holiday season!  Move into a slower pace of life, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Explore relevant yoga philosophy that will help you find a place of deeper relaxation and ease of mind. Nourish and recharge your body, mind and spirit through a whole weekend of long, luxurious yoga classes. By the end of the weekend, you will be able to slow down on your own, so that you can return to your own inner source again and again.

Clarity, Decision and Action
Discover clarity instead of confusion, decision instead of hesitancy, and the ability to follow through with action where it is needed.This workshop can truly change your life.  Give yourself a whole weekend of yoga focused on gaining clarity on your life and provide the foundation for decisive and effective action. The deep spinal openers and abdominal poses will help you cultivate all three of these qualities, while the contemplations and discussions help you consolidate your new understandings and take them home.

Exploring Neck & Shoulders
Tensions held in your body reduce the full range of movement in your spine. Because of these tensions you may also experience discomfort or pain.The focus of this workshop will be to unlock those tensions all along the spine to reduce or dissolve neck and shoulder pain or discomfort. As tensions get released you’ll also experience an increase in your range of movement.  Discover how making changes all along your spine helps with your neck and shoulders. Approach the colder months with more ease. No previous yoga experience is required.

The Support of the Open Heart Workshop

Do you notice how as some people get older they have a tendency to tip forward and become crunched over?  Maybe you even notice this in yourself. The shoulders tense up, with the front of the spine tipping   and rounding forward. In the winter it is even more noticeable how much we round the shoulders forward and up. This leads to compression through the rib cage and into the vertebrae behind the heart.  In this workshop we will be doing poses that reliably release the compression in the lower spine and carrying that opening through the rib cage and heart space area. You will find how to be comfortable in a backbending pose and discover how it feels to lean into support to allow the heart to open. This will include finding and receiving the support and strength provided by your abdominal muscles.  Come and enjoy a full morning of spinal opening poses, yoga philosophy and more, to support the opening of your heart!

Making Space on Purpose ~ In Your Joints, In your Life, In Yourself
Gentle and invigorating. This 2 1/2 hour workshop starts with Yoga’s relaxation pose, Shavasana, then continues with poses and breath awareness to weave the space of relaxation into and through your body, mind and heart. The poses in this class will move every joint in every possible direction. Besides opening all the joints, the poses move all the bones and muscles in your body. This improves circulation, and clears toxins. Your mental and emotional state

and sense of vitality also improve.

Bliss Yoga Retreat

“Bliss is that feeling you have after you come up from your final Shavasana (yoga’s relaxation pose), both relaxed and alert. Yoga gives you a whole new type of bliss to experience.” Rama Berch, founder of Svaroopa® Yoga.  You are warmly invited to come and discover your bliss within – that grace filled state of feeling FULL, COMPLETE, CONTENT. Not dependent on having or getting anything on the outside.  You’ll be in familiar poses that will melt away layers of tension that keep you from experiencing the bliss of being. You’ll gain access to the deeper, more satisfying levels of your own Self.  This Bliss Retreat will include familiar yoga poses, chanting, meditation, and some discussion to facilitate your ability to bring your experience of bliss into daily life. Yoga philosophy will also be interwoven to assist you.  To paraphrase one student’s experience: “Be prepared to smile for weeks after the Bliss Retreat, for no reason at all.”

Exploring Relaxation
Yoga has a relaxation pose named Shavasana. When you lie in this position, more muscles in your body relax than in any other body position. Shavasana soothes your nervous system and calms your mind. You will experience  deep relaxation and feel wonderfully refreshed and rejuvenated. This two hour class starts with a long shavasana followed by poses to release tensions along the spine. Then, relaxing even more deeply with a longer ending Shavasana.  No experience necessary. All are welcome.

Salute to the Sun Series
Surya Namaskar, Sun Salutation, is a powerful yoga practice and a dance of worship to the Truth and Light that is both in the sun and in your Self.  In this workshop you will become familiar with the different segments of  Sun Salutation.  Then the segments will be practice together--moving and breathing through the sequence of 12 poses without tightening the spine.  The focus will be on Sun Salutation as a moving meditation.  Deeper or Continuing Students only.

Shavasana, The Art of Leaning Back into Your Relaxed State
In Shavasana, yoga's relaxation pose, you make friends with your relaxed, easeful self. Svaroopa® yoga's 
reliable, tension-releasing poses help you deepen your connection to your relaxed state. In this 3-hour 
workshop you explore the art of leaning back into the relaxed you whether you're lying down, sitting or 

Soften the Boulders in Your Shoulders
Experience more freedom in your neck and shoulders. Tensions that are locked in your body reduce the full range of movement in your spine including your neck and shoulders.
Discover the ease with which you can make profound changes by working with the core of your body. The
focus of this workshop is to unlock those tensions all along your spine which softens the boulders in your shoulders and frees up your neck.

Walking the Mountain

You are the Mountain, taking yourself for a walk!  In this workshop we’ll explore Tadasana, the Mountain pose to discover how it feels:

- To stand with your best alignment
- To be in a standing Shavasana (yoga’s relaxation pose)
- To be grounded and expansive in your body simultaneously
- To take the experience of Tadasana (the Mountain) into walking,
   exploring the dynamics of yoga walking
- To become more alive and aware as you walk!

Everyone will find a new aspect of walking that they can continue to explore! Included will be poses that reliably release compression in and along the spine; finding and receiving the support and strength provided by your abdominal muscles.  Come and enjoy a full morning of spinal opening poses, yoga philosophy and more . . .

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